Google Translator- Pick one of 20 Languages

Effective Website

To Improve effectiveness of this website, to increase my Google Rankings
and to improve customer management this website

*    Uses effective key word Meta Tags on every page for content marketing
•    Has a blog at
*    Uses Google Translator to give visitors access to translation into 20 languages
•    Has Testimonials from customers on this website 
•    Includes a Falmouth Community information page
•    Has clear call to actions (both email & phone contacts) on each page on this site
•    Allows visitors to register for email campaigns, to opt-in or out to email updates once they've signed up
•    I answer and check email two to three times daily to customers emails
•    Is Optimized/ Responsive for mobile viewing on Tablets & all mobile devices
     With easy navigatible links
*    Has a "Mobile Friendly" page detailing my mobility and online accounts
•    Encourages Feedback, and commentary by users
•    Home page and website are updated often

*    Has a Mortgage Calculator
•    Uses Google Analytics to view how visitors from around the world use this site
*    Has quality buyer, seller, and listings content, IDX/ MLS Searches
*    Has a Cape Cod Photo Album
*    Has helpful Local Links
*    Uses Google Webmaster Tools to improve my google ranking and unblock pages
*    Has a back office CRM to manage users
*    I've uploaded a Sitemap to Google as well as indexing all site pages on Google
*    Syndicates listings to dozens of listings websites
*    Allows webmaster to create subdomains for listings
*    Has webmaster's social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia username SDW1A linked from my homepage and at bottom of pages on site
*    Allows visitors to view listings without having to register. Visitors
     can save their searches and favorite listings once registered.
*    Features listings and Agent on
*    Sellers get free Virtual Tours for their listings
*    Has Short Sale information for visitors