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PhotoPriceSizeStyleTypeBathsCityBuiltTaxesDevelopment LevelCreated DateNeighborhood
7 photos
$89,900 3,000 sq. ft. Single Story Commercial Hyannis 01-Jan-2015 Hyannis
14 photos
$895,000 6,070 sq. ft. 2 Story Commercial Middleboro 1950 $4,681.00 (2018) Built 23-Jul-2018 Middleborough
1 photos
$845,000 7,900 sq. ft. 2 Story Commercial 4 Mattapoisett 1950 $8,301.00 (2017) Built 30-Aug-2018 Mattapoisett Village
10 photos
$650.00 Monthly 1,150 sq. ft. Single Story Commercial Harwich 22-Mar-2011 Harwich
6 photos
$385.00 Monthly 283 sq. ft. 2 Storey Commercial Mattapoisett 1988 Built 31-May-2018 Mattapoisett Village
3 photos
$275.00 Monthly 232 sq. ft. 2 Story "This office is on 2nd. floor" Commercial Mattapoisett 1988 Built 30-May-2018 Mattapoisett Village